March 29, 2017

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April 02, 2016

to younger men...and beyond...

so i have this thing for younger men. i can't 'splain it. it just is.

it started when i was 24 and these two 18-yo's were hitting on me at once, during our orchestra tours to wherever. california, the middle east, south africa, who's counting countries.

and for some reason, it's pretty much continued ever since. most of the guys i date are younger, and it's not just casual. my last younger boyfriend (by 7 years) wanted to get married. a few years ago, i had a 10-years younger bf who i didn't believe wanted an older woman; he later married a woman exactly my age.

i don't chase these guys down. which is funny, because every woman who has been called the nasty jealousy-infused term "cougar" knows that actually, it is the younger men who are chasing them down. aka a recent article i read, which i will try to find & source.

to validate this, you'll see a survey (yes, we love data) showing that some younger men do in fact, like older women more.

anyhow. this year i tried valiently to date older men. which is in fact, in direct opposition to the fact that i don't have to try at all to date younger men. all i have do to is - nothing! show up maybe? if that?

right now it's a kid at the gym. Mr. Fitness. maybe i will get a training session or two, because suddenly the fact that every time i work out my ass, my abs also get bigger, has become Very Important To Fix. this after he's been breaking his neck to look around at me and say hello for what, 2 years now. might as well throw the guy a bone. r.

it's looking like i might get some very. good. sessions. he called me "hon" already on today's text.

and it's not just him. i'm heading out to LA to meet a 10-years younger x-boyfriend (along with the main attraction, my family!) and meeting up for my birthday, i hope, with another 7-years younger x. i guess maybe i should call them xb's. generally i just refer to them as my portfolio of men.
speaking of younger men - just saw them taking this pic live last night in the Boston TD Garden when Javier won the World Championships

after my recent foray into older men (because every woman knows, most men don't want a woman their age. younger please, or older, does just fine. but peer ages? yawwwn...) i've just been like eh.

when i see awesome engagement parties, weddings, and babies, it makes me a little wistful, and sometimes teary if i loved the guy once, that why don't i have that. but i just haven't ran across someone that made me think, wow, let's drop the single life like forever, so we can take care of someone else. oh well, don't get me started on that.

back on track.

i won't elaborate further with my examples, as there are more, but younger men have VITALITY. that is it. energy. and it's not even about the age!

my step-dad is mid-80s and more spritely and young and vibrant than most of the guys that are trying to date me. that's really what i want. youth. not young.

so maybe i should change my scope. give me a guy with a great smile, tons of energy, and fit, and well, there we have Mr. Fitness. who just happens to be young.

here's to him...and the men beyond...

yes, i can feed myself, thank you!

i had an interesting experience lately with a guy that i thought would be next bf. i mean, other than being older than me, and having my dad's voice (owww), he seemed a good fit. we talked for hours. he was spontaneous. he traveled a lot. he was in the navy on a SUBMARINE. how cool is that. he was tall, good-looking & generous.

and then he started telling me how to eat.


5 dates in, after the 4th one was spent in the (aforementioned) 5 hours of talking, he decided that, all of a sudden, he needed to tell me to eat before my food got cold. and bear in mind, this is food i didn't order or eat much of usually. and being a girl, i was TALKING about something Very Very Interesting To Me. so being interrupted to tell me to eat was a little like...

"yes dad."

which is what i actually said. yup. that's not sexy. sexy is

"YES DADDIE...give me more." which i never say. but some people think that is sexy.


so then i was to eat more, (no), just "half" of more (no).

the arrangements around how i should be doing things continued throughout the time we had together, and included a few more very-small-but-interesting actions that portrayed his belief he knew better than me how things should be done.

fast forward ...and i really had a hard time figuring this out. this guy seemed really cool. why was i so upset?

i will say it really all started with something other than the food thing, likely the fact that his eyes didn't light up when he saw me. so right there you have a definite "hmmm" on his part. which is def overcomeable with a shorter dress or something fun like that.

but the part where i'm not doing the right thing every second, especially that i don't know how to eat right just, um, sticks in my throat.

so, regrettably i had to tell the foodster, through my actions of not calling him again pretty much, that i could feed myself.

some days i really wish i didn't have to. but let's just say - when in a pinch...i can get the job done! (so says the extra 5 lbs i'm carrying...)

welcome back to me!

So after many years of wandering in the wilderness of love - I'm back!!! Hello everyone. Or, I mean that lone person far, far, away that stumbled on my outdated blog by accident after drinking far too much in the middle of the night. I hope I cheered you up anyway!

Long story short, I ended up dating a wonderful guy for 4 years...and that ended something like a year or so ago now. He's happily moved on (though I miss him fondly, sigh, but do still enjoy all the gifties from his generous ass) and I've happily not moved anywhere.

I tried a few guys on for size here & there. But they mostly didn't fit. Aka, I'm back seeing-single again! With more adventures.

I will include these in the next blog, as this is more of a welcome back to me.

So now that I've said that...let's move on!

February 25, 2012

why i like courtney robertson

i think courtney is getting a bad rap on the bachelor. sure, she is mean. and catty. and stand-offish. and an exhibitionist. but the other girls can sure learn a few things from her when it comes to men. here's what i notice:

1) she was confident. yes, this is the #1 thing men all over the world report they are interested in. she was there for herself, to win ben's heart. or ring, whichever became more important. but she wasn't nervous, uncomfortable, and worshipping a stranger. she was herself, whatever that is. when i saw her mother, i realized how much of herself she really was. she has many of her mother's mannerisms, which i thought was a bit endearing.

2) she made dates fun. who likes to go on a date with someone who thinks they are SO much less worthy. or spends time talking about other girls. courtney just had fun, that's it. she didn't boo-hoo-hoo about life with ben.

3) she was authentic & vulnerable. but in a way that wasn't offputting. she mentioned her insecurity and asked for support in an appropriate way. she was also extremely candid with the camera, talking about how men had used her in the past. probably true. it does affect a woman's behavior. not that she wasn't using them back, but still, the conversations where she self-disclosed were real.

4) she wasn't caught up in a fantasy. love was very real to her, from her perspective. she didn't gush over ever-after; she honestly questioned if she should even bring ben home. of all the girls, she was the one that seemed the most grounded in reality: this was a show, where the objective was to get the rose & get to know a guy better. she seemed to follow an appropriate pattern of matching reality to the "love" experience.

5) she was sexual. again, she didn't make the relationship what it wasn't yet. she made it about the present - not about esoteric love and happily ever after. she just made sure her guy was happy now.

6) she takes care of herself. so really. when are 4-hour naps "high maintenance?" i applaud this girl for taking care of herself if that is true. the #1 problem women have is not men, but meeting our own needs - and the main thing we deprive ourselves of is sleep. hats off to a girl that puts herself first...

so there you have it. i admire her. biatch or not, that girl has some game.

September 12, 2011

i'm everything he's looking for

ok, so here's the other side of the equation: while i'm being frightened he won't show up again, let me recap why he will.

i am everything he is looking for.

1. tall with long legs.
2. pretty
3. single
4. smart
5. no kids
6. not in "awe" of him
7. create a homey atmosphere that makes him go "awww, this is nice." literally.
8. successful career
9. he can introduce me to his friends (which he did)
10. good in bed :)
11. i got his back when he needs support
12. he respects my opinion
13. i don't kiss his ass
crushes suck

i have a new crush (on the guy in the previous post). what sucks about that is you forget how they ruin other people for you! you can be with the coolest people in the world but if they are not as fun as the person you're crushed on, it's pretty annoying.

it's been so long since i had a crush on someone, i've forgotten how it feels. very uggy.

i'm supposing i need to get him out of my system as fast as possible so life can get back to me & my cat. i also have a crush on my cat, but he doesn't ruin me for society like a hot guy does. every guy compares favorably to my cat...

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